Feeling sad

Feeling sad

It is with great regret I let you know all that my close cousin’s husband had died in a road accident yesterday night. He was on a bicycle on his way to the university when a car hit him. Initial reports say that he might have died on the spot. My cousin with whatever little help that she is getting is still standing bold and coming up to the terms. Its takes great panache of a brave face from her when she called me last night to convey the sorrowed message to me. I salute her fortitude and can only say that I am here in need.

May God bless his soul and give  her peace and tranquility.


One thought on “Feeling sad

  1. I feel deeply for your cousins unexpected and tragic situation. A young and promising life has been plucked in its prime. Your quick response is reflective of your sincere feelings. Only time and a some engaging schedule would provide some solace. She should endeavour with help from near and dear to work on someting that he cherished.

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