It’s family time

It’s family time

Not complaining about the lack of oxygen these days in Hyderabad, Iam having a great time with the family. With father’s 60th birthday celebration going in full swing in ‘most Hindu’ tradition, family members length and breath have attended and are attending with great happiness. It was both ‘experience’ and wonderful to meet most of the cousins after such a long time and baring the long travel they had, everyone was happy to meet after such a long time.

Sometimes humans are defined as they are, but are ‘enhanced’ by their relationships and the threads that run through their blood streams and I am no exception. My father being the last sibling in his family of 9 members, he was pampered and treated as kid brother for all. He being at 60 makes all others the great grand dads and moms and all of their children and their children and sometimes their children all adored the celebrations.

Elders were bestowing their blessings while the younger ones had a great time chatting digging through history and politics. Experience is such a wonderful word that has a ‘human touch’  to it and as everyone say, it has to be experienced. Spending time with all my cousins, aunts, uncles, grand dads, grand moms and what not is one such blast of a life time.

Family Time…:)

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