It is not irony nor coincidence that I am writing a blog after a long time and what prompted me to do so was a mere TV show. There was lot of chat, discussions, press and occult about this TV show being hosted by Amir Khan, a lovable icon and equally good human, who has the compassion and virtue of bringing a program that is very aptly titled ‘Satyameva Jayate’. It is neither my intention nor my reasoning that would make this blog entry another advertisement or propaganda regarding a TV show but, it is a soulful retrospection of myself facing the truth.

The world has enough problems and billion solutions and we sometime get washed away in the myriad reasons and believes. The other day when I went to a friend’s house for lunch, on my way back to the door there was a small plaque inscribed with Mahatma’s quote “Be the change that you wish to see..” and I told my friend that it touched my heart. Not because I haven’t read that in the past nor I have enough knowledge to understand it. It was because, it was there, ON THE WALL and I happen to see it, read it and FELT it.

Over the past few weeks, my life had been significant, just for myself. Family in India prompted me to spend time with myself and made me realize what is it that is not making me what I was. I do not know if I am blessed or cursed but, I can get influenced by what happens around me; only in a good way. My brain is nothing but a God’s gift or otherwise it would seldom listen to ‘good’. I took 2 resolutions recently and I knew at that time how difficult it is for me to follow. The easiest part was to convince others that my resolution is for real. Truth is so bitter and much ‘warmer’ than fire that it is extremely difficult to make myself convince that I took my resolutions to my soul. I find inner peace and happiness every single time I follow my resolutions and yet I have to face the truth of my soul.

I am weak and I make no fuss about it. Courage is facing truth by being true to it and not merely pretending it to be. After watching today’s episode I am taking my 3rd resolution. Unlike the first two where I wanted greater audience and hence I posted them on Facebook, this one shall remain inside me and I shall see if I can face it by myself. Those two required that others knew about it, as I shall feel accountable enough and have ‘large’ proof of being true to myself. My 3rd resolution does not need witness nor audience.

Amir Khan’s Satyameva Jaayte has a wonderful soul and it will touch every human being who is searching for truth. It shall encourage people to once again remind themselves how fortunate are they to have been born as ‘thinking’ humnas in this mighty universe. Mahatma did not write his autobiography but ‘experimented’ with truth. I am a shameless, weak and timid individual who want to take the task of facing the same truth. We two individuals are billions of miles apart in thinking and fortitude but yet I dare to say this, I am ‘willing’ to be true.

Bless me oh God and give me the strength to make myself  into a human and proudly say ‘Satyameva Jayate’.

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