New Year ?

New Year ?

We humans need a reason to celebrate and some spoiled brats decided in the past that the Gregorian Calendar shall begin on a day called January 1st and we will celebrate it as a new year. In their defense though, something should start some where, even if its not perfect. Like all other previous years, this January 1st will remind us the spent journey, be it wise or not. Many people make resolutions, some keep them some don’t and many others will chose to ignore all together. Like I said, something should start on some day and humankind decided this is the day. So, what exactly is New? This is a question I ask myself every single year, and pacify myself, that it is the printed calendar that hangs on my office wall, with 2015 printed in bold. I question myself, “did I turn my Old into experience”? or let it go as bypassed seconds that I least care about or knock my brain out on how wasted I was as a human being. New is something we all have control on, new is something that we can all do that it is not done in the past, new is something that we can all say with pride that we did things differently to make our lives better. Do we stop here or do more?

One thing that constantly last year reminds me was that, every time I sit in front of the God and close my eyes to pretend praying, what is that I seek from doing that? Peace, prosperity, happiness, wealth, health or ‘I don’t know’. So, I follow a simple principle, do not seek anything as what ever I ask is what I should deserve. And, what ever I have is more than what I ask for and yet the unending quest of ‘wants’ wander around my brain. I was mostly successful in not asking anything materialistic for most of the time. There are millions out there and for a reason or another, God wished them to be under privileged and suffer from sorrow and pain. Numerous good souls, work day in and day out to balance this act and serve all those who cannot even afford to pray, because their suffering comes first, their hunger overtakes their belief and their thirst outweigh their hopes. So for what ever reason God chose to gave me what I deserve, I will chose to share what ever I can, be it love or life. In celebrating the fellow human beings, I wish to share the empathy and help those in need, when ever I can and what ever I can. So help me God that the ‘new’ thing that shall happen this year is the strength I seek to help the people in need and wish for their happiness and peace.

Let me have a Happy NEW Year!

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