The racquet and the canvas

The racquet and the canvas

File:Roger Federer Signature 2013.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Seldom we see individuals who are destined to become legends in their own rights who can leave an impact on millions who remember an event in their lives and realize, either there is a small sparkle in their eyes or an unstoppable expression of joy in their hearts gently visible through a tickle of smile on the face. Few generations are lucky enough to see such people in their lifetime and I am no exception and cannot express my gratitude on how happy I am to be part of such timeline. Two individuals whom I have never met in person yet bring moments that can be cherished forever are Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer.

I was ignorant enough to believe that cricket would no longer be fun to watch when Sachin decided to tie the laces together, but soon realized the canvas that he left behind was an eternal masterpiece. Today though, albeit a heavy heart, this tribute is for Roger Federer.

The racquet in his hands move like an artistic brush meant to paint the court with colors brilliant enough to stamp immortal etchings on our hearts. The no nonsense aura that he brings to the court with an unnerving calm on his face make his fan’s heartbeat that resonate with the ball hitting his racquet’s strings. When his hand becomes one with the racquet and begin painting the court canvas with strokes of flamboyant lines, there are few options but to witness the artistic masterpiece in making. His backhand baseline looped return strikingly resembles a rainbow in making with vivacious forehand winner giving the final touch to the artistry.

Be it a green, blue, or red canvas, the brush (racquet) in his hand effortlessly moves with strokes of brilliance and mastery. He may have aced few canvases more than others, but his sheer presence creates a picturesque setting to treat game’s immortal lovers. Gentleman to the core, he wears his personality as dress, his mental balance of stamina and the body working in one unison with on objective of producing a game that can also sound like a song. The smile on his winning face is an invisible ink of autograph for his fans and his defeats are heartbreaking.

We may see a nemisis on the other side of the court but Roger’s vision witnesses a co-artist. Be it a cause of celebration or being better, there is no dearth of memories for tennis’s fans. Every game is a painting and every shot a stroke of artistry, his skills were unparallel and his talent screams genius.

Thank God! for giving me a timeline that I can be very proud to share with the legend. Thank you, Roger for giving us the game that was painted on an eternal canvas.

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