Happy, New Year!

Happy, New Year!

Well, another 365 days have passed in most of our lives and more than likely wishes might be pouring in from lot of corners that the next 365 days be filled with happiness. I never paid lot of attention even being an avid follower of non-Duality on how deeply philosophical these wishes are (don’t worry, I am not going to lecture on Advaita today :)). Simply put, we all want happiness. There is a small catch though, don’t we want something that we already don’t have or maybe we want more of what we already have too, isn’t it? It is this common belief in all of us that promptly put in action, and we start greeting each other, happiness . If I wish and it happens to you, I am almost God, not kidding. So, the key to happiness is not in my wish but in the willingness to acknowledge that you are (I revealed a secret sauce here).

Many of you and sometimes myself make some New Year resolutions like, staying healthy, earn more wealth, write a book, get a promotion, visit a place, etc. and some very brave souls promise themselves to be always happy. If happiness is a state of mind, then yes, one needs to make an effort to be happy or get it by magic from outside and then put that idea in your mind. Sorry to say but, it does not work that way. What one feels when they call themselves happy is pleasure, a momentary idea in our mind, that disappears before you even notice. Now, I will never wish someone pleasure, do I?

Happiness is simply acknowledging that you ‘are’. Happiness is about witnessing the deepest of sorrows to the highest of pleasures as ‘experiences’, nothing beyond.

So, to all my fellow beings on this planet, I wish you all acknowledge that you are Happy and then celebrate the New Year too!

Happy (comma) New Year!

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