Smart(er) Phone

It looks like we’ve been behaving more like those idiots who inadvertently established self-imposed brand loyalty shelling money without self-realization. Stranger than fiction this truth changed the land scape of human relations. People take their brands to their hearts and arguments, debates and comparisons have dominated simple, loving, caring and thriving relationships. I personally do not have a favorite phone, because technology evolves and so does we. My calculations are obviously simple, do we get what we want for what we pay? However simple this may sound, the current smart phone market has changed the way we think about phones. Very unfortunately, Apple the company well known for their quality designs have completely changed the way people perceive their devices. I hate Apple more for making a smart phone a smarter phone. The phone is something that does what we want and how we like, however, we started liking what it does and what it gives. This is sad for civilized people who make decisions based on brands. I don’t own an Apple product because I hate it, it is simply because it is an useless product for me. I would rather prefer to buy a desktop/laptop, printer, web cam, good set of speakers, a 22″ LCD, smooth and wide keyboard and a mouse which responds to the way I want rather than buying a Apple Laptop for double the cost for these combined stuff. The math doesn’t match my requirements, that’s all.

No two people think the same, but when thinking is dominated by stature and the stature is dominated by a brand, you loose yourself. Many of my peers think iPhone is a superior product without even bothering to see if there is competition and how they fair with one another and ultimately what is it that makes more sense to them. Again, there are no comparisons here.

I have a Blackberry Pearl, i picked it up as a choice in one amongst the others that I was getting FREE for signing up a 2-yr contract with AT&T. I never had plans to check my email on a phone nor browse internet over it. And the so called APPS (most people think that Apple invented APPS, dumber!) were available on my Blackberry even then. For some stupid reason AT&T goofed up my monthly charges simply because I gave my BB to my wife as I started using another touch screen phone which I borrowed from my deceased cousin (a memorabilia of sorts). It took me 15 calls and 8 hours of talk-time to fix the issue (hopefully fixed). I bought a cell phone for being able to call someone from anywhere, whether in need or not. The current day so called smart phones have defeated that purpose. People are fascinated with their GPS on their bright LCD, but still carry a stand-alone GPS, they are fascinated by their browsing capabilities on their phones, yet 99% of their browsing is done when a convenient and a faster PC is available within their reach. Or they would simply browse something that makes no sense at all. People are buying APPS for money without realizing if it makes sense or not. Smart phone are now smarter and smarter people are now smart, actually dumb.

Why would a person stand in a line for days to buy a phone? I simply does not get it. I would like to ask that person what is it that made him happy at the end, having that phone or its usage? Of course humans are extremely smart for justifying everything they do. My friends ask me, “if iPhone is really not that great, why would people buy it with such craze?”, I do not have an answer that will satisfy them, but I do have for myself. Because, they are buying a smarter phone and not a smart phone.

Now its my turn. I need a phone, just a smart phone and nothing more than that. Why? Because I could not do somethings that I would like to do over the internet when I am at my office. This is ridiculous because you are supposed to work and not browse when you are at office, isn’t it? Anyway, as I said before, we have our own explanations for everything and anything we do. I am not buying an iPhone because it costs me more, I am not buying an Droid because it costs me more, I am buying a EVO (most likely) because it costs me less.

I hate to see any company dominating the land scape of technology because its simply is not in our best interest. I love Microsoft for not its products but making our lives simple over the period for much less that we get from the competition. Google’s Android is picking up not because its better than iPhone’s iOS4 but because its open and available. Microsoft is coming up with their Windows Phone 7 OS, which promises better integration between APPS which simultaneously helping enterprises incorporate their WAP, wireless based technologies work in tandem. Most managers love to check their emails on their BB, come Windows OS, I guess they would love to check their Outlook directly without mediation.

I hope to see one day we just buy smart phones and become smarter. Long live civilization.

Welcome to Windows 7

Windows 7It is no secret that I like Microsoft. For every thing that exists in this world, there are alternatives and often human’s self-denial lies in ‘what-if’ syndrome. Technologists might argue that if not Microsoft then other, there are indeed better products than what Microsoft has today. But the question remains the same. How are they developed and where are they developed? Did they not use Windows on their machines all these years to produce products that sometime outcast the same OS that they were developed on? Agree or not, Windows is  the bread and butter for almost every one, its contribution to humankind is more than anyone can imagine in numbers and profits. A person sitting in front of a PC is developing and nourishing such great ideas which were not possible before.

I had  a chance and no-option privilege to work on Apple’s Mac Book Pro for a while at a client’s place. My consulting firm’s boss insists on Apple products as he is a die-hard fan and I am an IT consultant for more than 15 years now. I am glad that I had moved on as Mac OS was plain simple crap when it comes to IT professionals. No one taught me how to use Windows, it was all natural than anything. Avery highly sophisticated and built unit, an Apple machine is good for browsing internet and stare at the screen to fall in love with those acqa icons, for which at least I think only a nut-head would spend so much money.

I loved Vista for what it is and I never had any problem using it whatsoever. I tried to maintain my anti-virus up-to-date along with the free MS suite and my PC is clean like a slate, no malwares, no viruses and without junk. I have been following the news lately on Windows 7, dubbed by critics as the best product MS have produced in the recent past. Innovation is bound to happen and I pity all those who make remarks without getting deep into them.

Like many I am one of those who bought the upgrade and getting it shipped tomorrow and I am sure that my welcome will be great and I will have some quality time spent on the PC.

Great going MS. Welcome Windows 7 to the world.

The Golden Apple

Due to my present working assignment, I have been using Mac Book Pro for around 2 months now. For 16 long years, PC dominated my work environment and honestly I got used to that.

So during these few weeks, involuntarily, my brain has started comparing both these machines, apple to apple, no I guess I should say PC. Mac is a wonderful machine no doubt, sleek, beautiful, slender and built like a rock. So far the OS has been good and there was nothing that came up annoying using its features. But the most annoying part is the keyboard, its not a standard ISO layout (most of the keys are..) and since I do lot of programming, I desperately need keys like page up/down, begin-end, delete-backspace, etc. You can achieve those things in Mac, but you have to do it by using more than one key, sometimes three. It has cut down my typing speed drastically,  I should say.

And, I was also surprised that Macs now support Intel processors and my machine has one. So I thought, why the heck it costs more than $2000 ? It could not find the rationality. The A/C power adapter has magnetic end and costs $200 to replace, a power adapter for $200 ?! shame. If I were a manager, I would have bought 4 Dell laptops than buying one Mac, you know why? the ROI on a Mac is always negative. The processors change so often that before  you open the box, the next one comes up. With rapidly changing hardware environment, why would someone spend so much on something so dead. Mac may work for personal users, who wish to make their laptop look white with that cute logo of apple. But again, what is it that you are looking for, a golden shoe who you do not wish to use or a regular one who you don’t care using it regularly?

I do not have any personal grudge on apple, but I think apple wants the same monopoly like MS did a few years ago. Everyone cried fowl and now I see amazing reviews for the new Mac, giving it a 5 start rating. I guess if someone spends $2000, you can build a laptop thousand times better than a Mac. Its not about the style, its about the use.

I don’t care how my laptop looks from outside, from inside, it should rock.

So to all those apple fanatics who buy stuff for sake, think before you buy the next one.

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