Welcome to Windows 7

Welcome to Windows 7

Windows 7It is no secret that I like Microsoft. For every thing that exists in this world, there are alternatives and often human’s self-denial lies in ‘what-if’ syndrome. Technologists might argue that if not Microsoft then other, there are indeed better products than what Microsoft has today. But the question remains the same. How are they developed and where are they developed? Did they not use Windows on their machines all these years to produce products that sometime outcast the same OS that they were developed on? Agree or not, Windows is  the bread and butter for almost every one, its contribution to humankind is more than anyone can imagine in numbers and profits. A person sitting in front of a PC is developing and nourishing such great ideas which were not possible before.

I had  a chance and no-option privilege to work on Apple’s Mac Book Pro for a while at a client’s place. My consulting firm’s boss insists on Apple products as he is a die-hard fan and I am an IT consultant for more than 15 years now. I am glad that I had moved on as Mac OS was plain simple crap when it comes to IT professionals. No one taught me how to use Windows, it was all natural than anything. Avery highly sophisticated and built unit, an Apple machine is good for browsing internet and stare at the screen to fall in love with those acqa icons, for which at least I think only a nut-head would spend so much money.

I loved Vista for what it is and I never had any problem using it whatsoever. I tried to maintain my anti-virus up-to-date along with the free MS suite and my PC is clean like a slate, no malwares, no viruses and without junk. I have been following the news lately on Windows 7, dubbed by critics as the best product MS have produced in the recent past. Innovation is bound to happen and I pity all those who make remarks without getting deep into them.

Like many I am one of those who bought the upgrade and getting it shipped tomorrow and I am sure that my welcome will be great and I will have some quality time spent on the PC.

Great going MS. Welcome Windows 7 to the world.

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