NEWS……..All things considered

Honestly, I did not know what the title should be! So, went with the traditional North, East, West and South. Anyway, had to cover lot of stuff for being lazy, lame, excused and guilty.

Mouse Magic

Our family spent the week of Spring Break @ Disney World bringing much required smiles on our cheeks, BACK. Awesome it is, we had great time there visiting Sea World, the 4 Disney Parks and the real icing on the cake was a brief stop-over at Daytona Beach. Obviously, kids had great time and both of them took time to snap their cute faces along with their favorite and not-so favorite characters. Dining at ‘Chef-Mickey’s’ was I guess the best that we had as my childhood fantasy of hugging Mickey Mouse came true. Princess dining was neither less, Nikhita had a dance with Prince Charming and Cinderella. In a nut-shell, the best Spring Break we had to-date. Well! the tradition is established now and we may have to follow the same next year. Looking forward to that. No matter how much I deny, spending time with Family is what makes a person like me a MAN, and more a Good Dad! Thanks to my wife for planning this one up and kids were just wonderful.


Office is keeping me very busy off-late. Doing something really proud for the organization as well adding jewels to my resume crown. I hope it will pay-off and I shall cherish this wonderful milestone in my professional career. Really lucky to be part of the project and really awesome to be the chosen one. For the next few weeks, its all work-o-rama……


Well, my hatred towards Apple is just growing day-by-day. Not only the company sucks but it successfully made at least a million fools with their iPad. People have long forgotten that iPhone is also a phone (its a different story that it is a useless device as a phone) but have been hearing complaints that people have been suffering from social disorder. Most of them knew that they can ill afford to drop their iStuff than their relationships. My garbage can has more ROI and I feel proud about that. What more strange is that, well, we’ve all built a Frankenstein out of Apple, its market cap is very close to Walmart, ridiculous as it sounds, one day it will be worth pennies.


Cricket is being played so much now, watching it makes me feel that its actually one single match being played an entire year. Next year’s IPL will have two more teams and God only knows how many matches will be played, 90, 100, million, sucks!

Big House – Small House

Yes! we almost did it and Thank God, we kept our urge under control. With house prices coming down (this is probably the world’s firth false truth), we were almost tempted to buy a bigger one and then in the last minute, something bit, very alien, but Godly and we are living happily in the same house again. A small debt is what we chose and I hope we chose the right one. But God it was some experience, granite counter tops, gourmet kitchen, dark Brazilian wood floors, master suite with 6×10 closets, lake view, green lawns, deck, patio and what not, dreams were flowing like Cumberland and at the end, we did not drown.

Turtle in the head

On my way to drop Tanmai to his school one day, a baby turtle was crossing that deserted street on a beautiful sunny spring morning few days back. I slowed down a bit and let the turtle come between my wheels and peeked into my rear-view mirror to make sure I haven’t ran it over. Cute it was but something told me that I should have stopped by the side, picked him up and leave that life by the small pond next to my kid’s school, but I did not. I dropped my kid off and when I was on my way home, I saw that creature by the shoulder with his head down, probably sad being departed from his family. I haven’t stopped then yet.

The next day, my eye balls were circling around to spot that bastard, but I was out of luck and felt bad thinking that I should have stopped yesterday and did what I wanted to. Its been a week now and I still check my luck to see that little rascal again. I do not know where it was then, but I know where it is now, in my head. Sorry turtle!

64 Squares

I may not follow the squares closely, but I am fascinated by its aura. Congratulations to Vishy on keeping his World Chess crown, AGAIN.


I love Apple (I guess when I say that, people think of a Technology company more than the actual fruit), you guessed it, the technology company, precisely incorporation. The first reason is that they invented a very sophisticated toy called ‘iPhone’ which has changed the way people communicate with each other. Pre-iPhone days, we used to talk over phone, now we are busy browsing and playing with ‘Apps’. The iPhone was built anyway for non-conversational purpose as the call drop rate beats my son’s mathematical capabilities.

Secondly, they recently filed law suit over HTC for violating their patents which gave me an idea for patenting my stuff. So briefly iPatent..

  1. The lane that iDrive when I commute to my office between 8:45 am and 9:00 am.
  2. The 2nd bowl in my office restroom where iNormally piss.
  3. The coffee flavor iDrink everyday at the office from the upper second bin in the pantry.
  4. The direction iLook at my monitor day in and day out in the office.
  5. iCan’t list everything in here you see, they run into millions.

Anyway, anyone who are breach of one or more of the above patents are liable for facing iLaw suits and they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

I also thank Apple for teaching me how to do Product upgrades, for example.

  1. iPhone
  2. iPhone 3G
  3. iPhone 3GS
  4. iPhone 3GSF (that F is the flash that they are going to include in their 4th generation iPhone).
  5. iPhone 3GSFB (you can also get an iPhone in ‘Blue’ starting from 5th generation iPhone).
  6. iPhone 3GSFB* (they thought that having too many letter might backfire their marketing campaign, so it might well be i2Phone, which means, you are allowed to make calls from now)


While watching the Australian Open finals, something caught my eye in the midst of spectators which stamped authority on my ‘distinguished’ thoughts of Federer. Someone in the crowd had a play-card saying “New word in the dictionary – ‘Federarized’ “. How true! the word has enough implications and weight and a hard to describe patten of events. It looks so simple yet pouncing. There is certain force that comes with special words and vocalize the personality that stands behind. Game apart, the authoritative nature by which Federer has reclaimed ‘his’ title was spellbinding.

Server after serve, point after point Federer demonstrated why he is considered Open-Era’s best player, ever. I often wonder how important are these people’s contributions to the society, considering they play mostly at professional level. Do they really add quality to our lives in particular when a crown after crown is stacked in their shelves. Can we really think outside the box when what we watch is mere sport? I guess these are more of self-questionnaire than generalized queries. Irrelevant as they are, persons like Federer exemplifies success at individual level. They personify a fact and remind us what hard work and dedication yield and constantly remind us that we all serve a purpose at our own level. Federarized is more than an adjective beyond personality.

Yesterday was just a grand-slam and two individuals were trying hard to reach a goal they waited to reach so desperately over last 2 weeks. Murray may have lost, but he has more to gain than to loose as he got to witness a master-class of tennis, at a level few could even dream and was standing opposite to that legend, in awe and Federarized. It is a lesson to all of us of how important it is to follow our dream and reach it step by step.

I wait for my day to be FEDERARIZED.

Blessed I was to have seen such great personality with one racquet hitting one ball at a time.

It’s your turn people!

Telangana agitation took a different route this week. The JAC brutally murdered an innocent student by burning him alive and made him a martyr. How do I know? Because there is no reason for that innocent soul to commit suicide. More than anything he gives a damn to Telangana. He is doing his masters’s in Computer Applications and would like to graduate and then get on to work for some Multi-National and then probably earn a 5 figure salary and spend his rest of life in peace and riches, period!

After a series of ‘Bandhs’ in the state and burning public property in the name of agitation, tide has turned to people. Well done Telanganites. Not only you proved yourself to be on par with bastard politicians like KCR, you have yet again demonstrated how uncivilized you are. I bring my head in shame to have born (most unfortunately) in the same region. Osmania University has been reduced to laughing stock and students have turned into barbarians. Killing an innocent student on the name of agitation is far beyond politics. The local law enforcement is ‘impotent’ enough to reveal the secrets behind his death.

I am happy though, happy for that boy to have become a martyr for couple of days as news channels for their TRP rating must have already interviewed his near and dear (zillion times). I am sad for that boy as he left as a un-satisfied soul trashing his and his family hopes.

So people of Telangana, kudos on becoming uncivilized, bravo on achieving barbarism and congratulations on the new generation politics. Well, be prepared to burn your mother and father next.

Why 3 Idiots?

Its been really a while since I watched a good movie. I got a chance to watch in awe, ‘3 Idiots’ along with my family. Movies with messages have always inspired me, much better when the telling is ‘earthy’. Rajkumar Hirani has unique ability on this front, his last movie “Lage Raho’ was a hearty entertainer with a message, I guess very few can even think to pursue. Well, the zealot inside me kicked in ever since I heard the movie title, but nonetheless gave any importance to it as my expectations were reserved until the release time. Anyway, after watching the movie (without reading the inspirational base, the book called ‘5 Point Someone’ by Chetan Bhagat) one thing that kicked me off was, why ‘3 Idiots’? Does that title mean that its about 3 idiots in that engineering college? Yes and No is my take. After thinking, actually listening to the songs, I found the clue to the movie title. The title is not just perfect and apt but adds icing to the cake (message). You are just as curious now as I was and the answer is.. ‘Idiot=Heart’. The story is about 3 guys, who have listened to their hearts. And where did I find the clue? Well the most buzzing number from the movie which goes “All izz well..”. Swanand Kirkire the lyricist penned brilliant lines into this easy yet memorable number from Shantanu Moitra (his last work of music was in Parineeta).

The lines in the number goes…

Dil jo tera baat baat pe
Dil pe rakh ke haath usae tu fuslaa le
Dil idiot hai pyaar se usko samjha le

and there it lies, the clue. Giving a message is not a big deal, we do that to everyone we know almost every day. Seldom are those instances where the listener really likes what you convey, and to convince people in millions is no mean feat and that is what Hirani had proved himself once again. Movies forum is mainly for entertainment, it is such time that a person would like to be relaxed and have fun, more than anything its a form of escape. What better when you get a Dollar for a Cent. Go fetch.

Wow! I wrote an OS (many times)

Ever since people started calling Apple’s Mac OS, Leopard, etc an Operating System, I wondered why is it so famous. After all I wrote so many pieces of software that works, of course only for that client and only for that environment and no where else. If writing a program that is hardware specific, software specific and device and environment specific can be called OS, I guess I wrote many.

Well, I am sure that Android will be welcomed by all those wits out there eager to write their apps that can be ‘tested’, ‘deployed’ and ‘used’ without paying to some nut-cracker. Apple’s price gouging will some day be dealt with a whip, until then, enjoy its exuberantly priced caps. By the way I heard that they are coming up with a magic wand, but it only works in persons named Panther wearing a white shirt over black trousers, gray tie and brown buckled belt. Oops! that’s still too generic I guess for Apple. The Panther should be 24 and weigh exactly 150 pounds. That’s it I guess! No one last thing, is he wearing Hush Puppies?

Over the years, the joke that Apple had played upon us was in more ways humiliating. Calling a piece of software running faster than Windows, etc which has been customized to run only on its machine is actually more than a joke. I am not a Apple hater, I hate Apple products, not for being so niche, but being so ‘close’ and they come with a billion ifs and buts. Its like selling a bulb that only works in my bedroom in broad day light, who cares!

I guess most of you can claim, “I wrote an OS”.

Happy New Year

Irony meets Sarcasm 🙂 Nevertheless, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.. AND…just kidding, be Happy and the Year will be always NEW.

So, as usual RESOLUTIONS will be the Google word for the next two days or so, for me its never ending as I resolute everything I resolute. Hopefully thought I will try to stick to one this time, but haven’t decided which one till now (God! I am in the loop again).

Kids are having great time spending their holidays at home and thank you freaking snow 🙁 I am working from home today so as my wife, with two kids singing songs in Dolby Digital surround sound format. The curious reader kicked in our younger one and he is eager to figure out ‘but’ and ‘put’, but confused and hell it doesn’t make a difference in the end, right? So, I am typing my blog on my home PC and checking my emails and tickets on my office laptop, while my wife is glued to her office laptop and the other laptop from the old client lying around sadly asking me to do some mouse clicks. Intel, I guess this time I beat you in multi-tasking.  My router has all the lights lit (maxed out) spinning bytes out of this network.

Tonight will be fun though, planning to have a blast in our friends get-together. Hello! but I do not smoke, drink or pass-out, strict vegetarian 🙂  With New Year crossing with Friday, a loooooong weekend awaits us with plenty of action. Kids are counting backwards to see how many days they’ve got until school. I am sure that we will hit the grocery store in a day or two, exciting.

Anyway, with plenty going around, good, bad and ugly, I do not want to ruin everyone’s mood discussing disgusting Telangana issue or pathetic plethora of plundering profits (holy sh*t! phonetics are words of the day) and the rest of paranormal activities that goes around. BTW, watch 3 Idiots if you haven’t, great movie with plenty of stomach-aches. After eternity I got to watch a movie with plenty of positives. Last night brief stint of ‘Hangover’ was a laughing riot, will surely catch up sometime today if I can.

That’s it folks! Again, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.

Its time! Hyderabad

Hardly ever I had to write two blogs in a day not withstanding the fact that they were few hours apart. Working from home today took its toll on me to instigate the zeal to go to read several dozen news papers and browse the channels listening to the crap that is happening in Hyderabad, aka Telangana (its irony that the region extends way beyond Hyderabad, but filled with dust and dummers who follow bastards like KCR blindly).

Its time Hyderabad! The business establishment is too rich and powerful to succumb to petty political goondas like KCR and they should use it to wipe these bastards from the society. How much more can the city take? Isn’t it time that you realize the city has become a cosmopolitan and being claimed by one section or region of people is simply ridiculous even in thoughts? With billions of rupees in losses, the business community has to come under one roof, use its power by hook or crook and teach these bastards a lesson.

Whether or not Telangana is even an issue, Hyderabad should not bend its head in disguise. Political gains should not rob the city from its culture, diversity and history. Stupid students who doesn’t care if they fail or pass have come on to roads and destroying both public and private property should bear the consequences. Osmania University had lost its credibility to be considered to become an IIT, where more than students, goondas, rowdy sheeters, political bastards, radical elements, ever failing students have made it their home.

Bandhs should be things of past, why should one party decide who should function and who should not, isn’t it the time to move forward, put these political bastards behind and think about development and future? Law enforcement should work with iron will and put all those culprits who disturb the common fabric of society in the city, to justice.

Wake up Hyderabad, you are more than a city.

Mother’s blood

AP has redefined blood categories. Telangana blood and non-Telangana blood, call it what may, its an ultimate truth that it is Telugu speaking people’s Mother’s blood. If land and lines divide humans, it shows that they have chosen the path of self-destruction. Pimp politicians like KCR, Harish Rao, Nagam, KVH, KK, etc have time and again showed that,  it is always the people who fight a lost cause. Students have been dragged into the agitation and they know the fact that they are the biggest losers of all. Well, with reservation on their side, they know the fact that they would get comfortable jobs using their quota, SHAME! We have been infatuated with caste, creed, color, religion, region, food, clothing and billion other things, looking at the other person always as un-belonging.

Parties and JAC has called on for a Bandh, do we have a constitution in place, does the leaders care about internal security apparatus, do they really protect the citizens of the country? An easy NO is the answer to all of them. Its high time that Party or Parties calling for Bandh be banned from political arena for life. One doesn’t have a right to interfere and decide what other’s life should be.

Home Minister Chidambaram has been one of the most irresponsible portfolio bearing member of the Parliament, may be after KK. He has ignited, what is now a rising inferno. Mother’s blood is being spilled on the streets and people are eagerly drinking it. Telangana agitation have brought shameless human behavior out in open. The relations have stained, their brotherhood has lost and they transformed love into hate.

Democracy does not mean agitating against constitution. We have too much freedom which is often abused. People of Telangana deliberately wish to become orphans. Its time that people wake up against this mess. Those who wish to have a separate state are easily outnumbered by those who doesn’t.

If ever Telangana is formed, the mother’s curse shall never go undone. All these so called intellectuals fighting for the cause know well, what the future of the separation is going to be. Its Mother’s blood you morons, not yours.

I bet if Gandhi would have been alive, he might have taken the most unethical step he normally would, ask the people to KILL all these goonda politicians.

Paritraanaaya Saadhunaam…hey God! fill the people with enlightenment, they are drinking their Mother’s blood.

WHAT’s at the end of the tunnel?

Hello Planet Earth? This is a resident alien trying to establish a contact to the fellow humans on planet Earth? Please acknowledge, beep beep. (The signal broke). Apparently everyone on the planet is unhappy, REALLY? Oh Yeah! There is just no light at the end of the tunnel. You know what, it happens sometimes, when the head and tail don’t see each other and we realize that we live in a deep shit. Nonetheless, worry not! We have so many programs now to keep all of us happy, AGAIN. Skimming through the headlines…

  • 8, 9, … # of girls claiming to have a ‘favored’ relationship with the Tiger
  • Oil prices are down from $70.60 to $70.13 due to lack in demand, so who told them that there was when it went up?
  • TARP is extended till the end of the next year, are you listening Burney guy?
  • Fed agreed that Tax Payers lost $61 billion on AIG and Auto Industry bail-outs. Sorry this is not new to you!
  • BofA repays $45 billion back to the government (TARP fund). How? cooking with financial industry again.
  • Goldman Sacs forbids employee parties (no more than 11 can meet in a group). Oops! they all reserved the same banquet by mistake @*!
  • S&P 500 grew from 680+ to 1090+ in 8+ months. Read this and below.
    If ExonMobile goes up by 20%, S&P goes up by 0.6899%, so what does it take for S&p to grow by approximately 200%. God knows.
  • Mortgage Interest rates are low, Hello! how many of you have 20% equity in your home? Raise your fingers (I get more count that way).
  • US is sending 30k more troops to the land of unknown. Bravo soldiers but you are fighting with ideology and not enemy.
  • Copenhagen hosted climate change summit. So what is changing again?
  • 2009 will mark the end of the worst decade in the history of United States. Is this the end of the tunnel, ha!
  • So most of our friends have iPhone 3GS, without the 3G. They’ve become more productive than before, ask their wives if you want to.

News from home country (bye bye from 21st)

  • Center agreed partially to move on separate Telangana. Oh shit! I forgot to fight for Seetharambagh, I lived there for 15 years.
  • TRS President was fasting in a hospital on IV and some juice and some protein biscuits and some vitamin tablets and some idly and my be Biryani and seldom some chicken. McDee are you listening, you can add KCR combo in your upcoming menu.
  • Reddy brothers mining was mostly illegal, SC declares. So what? isn’t India a Federal Independent Republic and everyone has equal right in looting the other? Com’on now?
  • End of the road for Bajaj scooters. So sad, most of us have wonderful memories, unbelievable but true.

Now the good news..

  • Do you want me to cook up something, here you go. WE ARE ALL HAPPY!
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