Before even beginning a subject as complex as God, it is important to remember that, the thoughts put together in here corresponds to a conglomerate mind, trying to understand the existence and answering them using what was read, wrote and listened. We all base our theories rooted on prior knowledge, and twist or tangle the wisdom to our choice and comfort, and add our perception, with a final satisfaction achieved through selfish bias and understanding.

The concept of God has been around as long as humans existed with civilizations defining and sculpturing the thought. Like everyone’s rainbow, God is more personal than we think and assume.

The intention of this essay rather than a book is, not to leave the reader with a lingering doubt in mind of what as an author I would like to convey. It is a mere experiment on understanding the complexities around the topic and simplifying the reader’s mind to remove confusion and abstain from abstraction. I am neither a genius nor an expert on this topic. However, I was able to experience life which swung both ways, with a clear distinction, on which thoughts ended in the victory lap. I cannot claim that these ideas are mine but they did come from my own brain, with a big caveat of how did the stuff even came into my brain to begin with.

The sheer ignorance and wisdom convoluted into ideas born out of thoughts gathered and inspected with minimum retrospection adds magnanimous dimensions to the topic, that is equivalently simple in nature. I am attempting to write in a language that has severe constraints on how it is interpreted, forget alone its pronunciation. I am deeply sorrowed by the fact that I failed to learn Sanskrit, the most structurally constructed language with a precision as equal as TRUTH; and I am understandably hand-cuffed in expressing my thoughts with the limited knowledge of English in general.

Chapter 1: What is God?

My confusion has already started. To chose a name for my first chapter between What and Who, I had to dig deep into my colossal widgets of thoughts and decide on what would be the most apt title that gives me not only an advantage over reader’s minds but, to help me discover my own answers to millions of questions.

The simplest excuse one can give to that million dollar question is, ”God is faith”. And, I do not want to be the judge of how accurate that assumption is. My personal opinion of course matches to what was said, to the tee. Why faith and not belief? The answer requires a thorough understanding of human’s behavior, at the time of difficulty and ambiguity. At times when we have to make a decision, we rely on the information we have at hand, and assess the situation to make a decision mostly in our favor. Remember, when I said “in our favor” it does include decisions made for ‘us’ and ‘others’. They inherently has our presence. The human mind is so twisted in nature that, we adopt to the situations quickly, with or without realizing the consequences. Again, adaptation does not necessarily translate  into being informative on the outcome of a choice. The fundamental difference between belief and faith is trust, and having laid out our conscience without inhibitions or doubt in our minds. When doubt lingers in our thoughts, our faith often fails and end up on the other side becoming just a belief. When your belief is characterized by confidence and ego-less surrender to the situation or object, it transforms into faith. However, humans are often confused and put their bets on belief rather than faith.

…to be continued!

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