India vs Impotents

India vs Impotents

Soon after the announcement of the team to Australian Series, I was ecstasic about watching high quality cricketing season, with much enthusiasm and a great spirit. The impotent Australian Cricket Team (along with Umpires) has seriously let down everything that Cricket stood for this century in drain. Ponting is more interested in revenge, cheating, abuse, anger, deceit than the true spirit of Cricket. Today in history of Cricket, he will forever be written in bold blood letters as the most impotent players we ever saw in this game. Symonds, Clark, Hogg will go down the drain not for playing Cricket but cheating. It is a big shame on BCCI’s part to still be continuing the series after humiliation, deceit and robbing of honor.

Australia managed by cheating and luck to get out Dravid, Lakshman, Sachin and Ganguly. The rest is history. The Australian commentory was all time low, they even pronounced Symond’s innings as greatest and termed the inefficiency of Indian bowlers for not able to get him OUT (6 times). On top of it the allegation on Harbhajan for racial abuse. History knows, poeple know who are famous for sledging and which team in the history of Cricket is known for cancerical mouth.

The rules of Cricket were different for both teams. Ponting knew he grassed the catch and still appealed. Thanks to cameras, or he would have even pulled that one out.

I am waiting for the day when I read in a newspaper that Ponting’s Son say to his dad; “You were cheating and winning matches for Australia, I would better loose with honor than cheat and win”. Few people are unfortunately to be born as Impotents, few make themselves out, Ponting is one such.

I would rest Sachin, Kumble, Harbhajan, Dravid, Lakshman and Ganguly for the next test and make Steve Bucknor as the captain of Indian team. The rest of them play because they need some ‘net’ practise.

If I were the chairman of BCCI, I would have asked Ponting to lick my shoes on Perth’s wicket and kneel him down right there!

Shame Australian Cricket Team, Shame BCCI and Shame ICC.

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