I beleive this would be one of those posts most people would dis-agree. When truth is sidelined, ego dominates the decision and a conclusion arrives, rather tamingly from a human’s heart.

Cricket is one thing most Indians can eat, walk, drink, live, think and die for. They do more than these, but I felt those cannot be catagorized. But there’s one thing that most of us do, “we don’t support India”, cause all we know is one thing, critisize.

Imagine you are a software engineer and your boss asked you to code something for an upcoming release. Only one thing pops up in your mind, to COMPLETE the task, putting in your best efforts or even plans, good or bad. But very rarely, I can say never ever, you would think to code something that fails, right? Excactly; when a person wears that blue jersey with the Sun logo and tri-colors, they don’t go there to fail, they go there to perform, put their best efforts, just like you. The only difference is no one cares about your code, but and when India plays a cricket match, more than a billion expect them to win and only WIN.

If your son does not stand 1st in the class, that doesn’t take your love away for him, nor it fades. You would still take a point to praise in front of others and elevate him beyond boundaries and what not, even when he kicks the other kid, you would feel proud in how much force he employed to kick the other guy, rather than asking him to refrain.

But we Indians forgot to respect and reach others. We only care about us and nothing else. When we talk about cricket, we don’t enjoy the moments, rather we try to find a way to critisize our guys in blue, ’cause you think that the more you critisize, the more people think that you are a great cricket analyst or what so ever. You feel more proud in tha fact that your son can piss 6 feet far from him legs, but you critisize Sachin for not making 100 in every match he plays.

Its time that we see ourselves closely in mirrors. Its time that we feel proud of our guys in blue and the way they make our lives inspirational. If you don’t like a hero, you will never see his movies again, but all these years we’ve been watching our men play cricket without fail and we still say we don’t like’em, crazy. I have seen a plenty who knows nothing about cricket, no feeling what so ever of wearing a blue jersey and playing in front of thousands of people and live up to their expectations, trust me its the hardest thing on the planet to do.

Wearing the blue jersey is totally different ball game than wearing any other color. No other cricket playing nation produced as many greats as India did (go and check the statistics). They don’t go out there and get loose deliveries every time they face the bowler, they earn it, 1 run by 1 run.

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