Chak-De India!

Chak-De India!

It was August the 25th, 2007, my 34th birthday, so happy because it was Saturday and I don’t have to ask my boss to take off that day. Happy because, at least some people take few seconds from their life, remembering this day and wish me many more returns. Most of us enjoy that day, a reminder to oneself for God has given us a LIFE and we have to live it, happily.

I was driving with my family and were routinely calling my parents that day to get more blessings and my Mom busted out the news saying that there were some bomb blasts in my home town. A home town I love so much, may be more than myself. I felt utterly disturbed deep in side my heart. Something pierced so hard that I stopped my brain to think any more as I could not handle that.

We were going to the theatre to watch ‘Chake De India’, as part of the small celebrations. Neither I avoided cutting it for those innocent people who have died, nor even think about them after the call, too much. I watched the movie, it was a great one. One, for the way the movie was made with excellent value and the other on the message that a nation will turn its story so quickly based on one’s success. There is this ‘Kabir Khan’ a traitor according to the Media and the people and there are these Lakshkar, Umma, Al-Ansari and dog-shit eating organizations. One was trying hard to wipe of his traitor image spending 7 years in the exile and coming back as s coach to the Indian National Women’s Hockey team, while the other always in exile, hiding their deathly faces, killing the innocents every single day.

Kabir Khan did not fight for the Winning Goal, he did not fight for uplifting Women’s Hockey, he did not fight to show the people that he is not a traitor, he definitely did not fight to satisfy his ego. He fought for one reason, and only one, INDIA. He found peace in making the Women’s team win the World Cup, he found peace in fighting hard to achieve that feet, he found happiness in making people push themselves harder, he found ecstasy in getting together a bunch of players as ‘Team’. Unfortunately its a movie and does this happen anywhere would be every one’s question. I would say yes, it happens not just in Hockey, but in every walk of life and every single day.

On the flip side are these terrorist organizations, supported by real traitors in the local Muslim community in my beloved home town, whose missions is not win something but to inflict wounds on people, their everyday walk of life and they think that they will achieve their mission. In doing this they forget some basis fundamentals. You can push a person, society and the nation only for sometime, and when they turn around, it will be an ocean, unstoppable and doesn’t care to bleed and will crush everything that comes in its way. Those fanatics should thank that we do not think like Americans, otherwise, they would have wiped every single Muslim from India, but they don’t and they will not, because there are people like Kabir Khan who believe in their Nation, who believe in people, the society and themselves.

One day, the so called Jihad will be wiped out, Just like Australians loosing the finals in the movie. Of course the later was a movie and drama, but the former can one day be the reality.

Chak De INDIA!

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