Man has invented many weapons, with a main purpose of killing the ‘enemy’. Polititians invented more, to kill their own people. So a person who kills his own people with a ‘weapon’ is not traitor? Hmm.. that’s a tough question to answer and, I may never will be able to!

One such weapon (this should be put under arms embargo, as its categorized as WMD) is called ‘Reservation’. If you are ‘reserved’ you win, if not (go f..king looser!), you can guess. Today there was an news article in EENADU newspaper regarding a famous community leader asking apologies from a cinema actor because, one of the shots in the movie depict some people peforming rowdy acts under the statue of Ambedkar. The leader thought its a disgrace to his community (only that bastard knows why?) and wanted un-conditional apology. You know now who is the big fool here, I guess.

A recent population census shows that Andhra Pradesh population has 68% of BC, while little less than 2% are Brahmins. The first one was put under Backward Classes with reservation , the second one was put under Forward Classes with no reservation. I guess we need to teach the Government some mathematics here. Anyway, since the elections band wagaon is beating more than ever, everyone wants to cry the foul out and these so called Backward Class leaders always up the ante to focus more on caste than purpose. These leaders fight for great causes (see below).

1. If a movie depicts that a person belongs to Backward Classes is drinking, its a sin. Actually they make out tha the person is indeed a BC by just looking at them (they should be heading a Forensic Lab).

2. If someone calls a BC a BC, its a sin (but you call a Brahmin a Brahmin and a Reddy a Reddy).

3. They invent new sections of people to be joined in BC (their ultimate aim is to make the percentage of BC population to be 100%, so that everyone gets a reservation, actually I think it is the best solution!).

4. Reservation should be totally customizable. You can literally convert anyone to become a BC.

5. These leaders only talk in the early hours to election. Other times, they’re just on vacation, there you go baby!

6. They should be able to raise the cast issue on anything, even if two bulls are fighting.

I can list million more, however I have reservation to list only 6.

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