The recent fiasco over the Nano project pulling out of Singur, West Bengal is a peffect example of policomy. Wonder what that is? It stands for Political-Economy. Policomy is a social culture developed over past few centuries in India and still remain rooted. It is true that progress is something that cannot be stopped, it can olnly be paused and two Ms were standing on either side of the carpet had given us more than a reason to think, what they’ve done for progress. Does policomy works? Indeed NOT.

Mamta Benerjee donned a sudden role of protogonist, who came out from nowhere to save the apartheid (as she put it) and wanted to rescue all those farmers who were ‘unwilling’ to give-up their land for the Nano project. While another M, Mr. Modi the current CM of Gujarat also came from nowhere, had worked overtime to make sure that Tata’s relocate the project to Gujarat. While one was clearly thinking of Politics, the other was completely thinking of economy. Two contrasting characters, who very well knew what they were doing.

Mamta and Modi were two faces of Policomy, while the fomer choose Politics, the later was wiser to pick ‘economy’. Mamta is a shrewed polititian who wanted to project herself as a savior of the poor, but in the race, she missed the most important part of it, the finish line.  More than Mamta, it is the people who can easily be branded as loosers. The so called activists, supporters, party-men are self-blinded and do not think beyond an hour into the future. As always few people’s greed is a wider famine.

Do not practise Policomy, it is a dangerous cancer and people like Mamta are just the breeding grounds.


Few incidents would have left scars to my memories and unfortunately more and more are expected to surface. I am deeply saddened and feel very sorry for all those who are effected by bomb blasts in India. Sitting thousands of miles away, writing a blog would be the easiest thing to do, a selfish act of consolation and a lucid act of healing. But, I think that at least I can pay my respects to all those innocents who are being victimized by a long standing coward act of terrorism in all and every means.

Interestingly, we live our lives compromised, every moment and every minute. If you would have to go out and not expect to face a big blast, things would have been easier, but the reality is different. Two days back, every single news media in India are swamped by the aftermath of the Delhi blasts, and we are now back to square-one. Compromise can be termed as the general quality of a human life, especially in India. I am sad and out-raged by the constitutional power of the Indian Government and equally disappointed by our Judiciary. If every incident is confronted with compromise, when do we see an end to these massacres? Indian citizen compromise so hard that is is impossible to believe the fact what he or she faces every single day. There are few and hard solutions for these incidents, and the Government should act aptly, responsibly and hard.

I think we mistook the Lord’s saying, “Paritranaya Saadhunam…” and are living dangerously implying that God shall come down one day and punish all the bad. What he really meant was to redeem ourselves and find the very God that exists within ourselves and do the ‘Sambhavam” that he very Lord insisted. It is time to do the retrospection and act bravely and be strong to face the enemy. There is nothing more precious or valuable than a human-life on this planet. Losing one has the at most sorrow a human can think of and we should not compromise.

I wish we can add an a smile to our face (a big E) and put it right in the middle of compromise and say ‘comEpromise’ or come-promise that I will fight and stay bold.

Come, promise that we will do that. My sincere and heartiest sympathies to all those wonderful lives, who sacrifised for the great fact that a cowardly act like a bomb blast shall not degrade our morale and we START our lives every single day and LIVE it to the fullest.


Man has invented many weapons, with a main purpose of killing the ‘enemy’. Polititians invented more, to kill their own people. So a person who kills his own people with a ‘weapon’ is not traitor? Hmm.. that’s a tough question to answer and, I may never will be able to!

One such weapon (this should be put under arms embargo, as its categorized as WMD) is called ‘Reservation’. If you are ‘reserved’ you win, if not (go f..king looser!), you can guess. Today there was an news article in EENADU newspaper regarding a famous community leader asking apologies from a cinema actor because, one of the shots in the movie depict some people peforming rowdy acts under the statue of Ambedkar. The leader thought its a disgrace to his community (only that bastard knows why?) and wanted un-conditional apology. You know now who is the big fool here, I guess.

A recent population census shows that Andhra Pradesh population has 68% of BC, while little less than 2% are Brahmins. The first one was put under Backward Classes with reservation , the second one was put under Forward Classes with no reservation. I guess we need to teach the Government some mathematics here. Anyway, since the elections band wagaon is beating more than ever, everyone wants to cry the foul out and these so called Backward Class leaders always up the ante to focus more on caste than purpose. These leaders fight for great causes (see below).

1. If a movie depicts that a person belongs to Backward Classes is drinking, its a sin. Actually they make out tha the person is indeed a BC by just looking at them (they should be heading a Forensic Lab).

2. If someone calls a BC a BC, its a sin (but you call a Brahmin a Brahmin and a Reddy a Reddy).

3. They invent new sections of people to be joined in BC (their ultimate aim is to make the percentage of BC population to be 100%, so that everyone gets a reservation, actually I think it is the best solution!).

4. Reservation should be totally customizable. You can literally convert anyone to become a BC.

5. These leaders only talk in the early hours to election. Other times, they’re just on vacation, there you go baby!

6. They should be able to raise the cast issue on anything, even if two bulls are fighting.

I can list million more, however I have reservation to list only 6.

Chak-De India!

It was August the 25th, 2007, my 34th birthday, so happy because it was Saturday and I don’t have to ask my boss to take off that day. Happy because, at least some people take few seconds from their life, remembering this day and wish me many more returns. Most of us enjoy that day, a reminder to oneself for God has given us a LIFE and we have to live it, happily.

I was driving with my family and were routinely calling my parents that day to get more blessings and my Mom busted out the news saying that there were some bomb blasts in my home town. A home town I love so much, may be more than myself. I felt utterly disturbed deep in side my heart. Something pierced so hard that I stopped my brain to think any more as I could not handle that.

We were going to the theatre to watch ‘Chake De India’, as part of the small celebrations. Neither I avoided cutting it for those innocent people who have died, nor even think about them after the call, too much. I watched the movie, it was a great one. One, for the way the movie was made with excellent value and the other on the message that a nation will turn its story so quickly based on one’s success. There is this ‘Kabir Khan’ a traitor according to the Media and the people and there are these Lakshkar, Umma, Al-Ansari and dog-shit eating organizations. One was trying hard to wipe of his traitor image spending 7 years in the exile and coming back as s coach to the Indian National Women’s Hockey team, while the other always in exile, hiding their deathly faces, killing the innocents every single day.

Kabir Khan did not fight for the Winning Goal, he did not fight for uplifting Women’s Hockey, he did not fight to show the people that he is not a traitor, he definitely did not fight to satisfy his ego. He fought for one reason, and only one, INDIA. He found peace in making the Women’s team win the World Cup, he found peace in fighting hard to achieve that feet, he found happiness in making people push themselves harder, he found ecstasy in getting together a bunch of players as ‘Team’. Unfortunately its a movie and does this happen anywhere would be every one’s question. I would say yes, it happens not just in Hockey, but in every walk of life and every single day.

On the flip side are these terrorist organizations, supported by real traitors in the local Muslim community in my beloved home town, whose missions is not win something but to inflict wounds on people, their everyday walk of life and they think that they will achieve their mission. In doing this they forget some basis fundamentals. You can push a person, society and the nation only for sometime, and when they turn around, it will be an ocean, unstoppable and doesn’t care to bleed and will crush everything that comes in its way. Those fanatics should thank that we do not think like Americans, otherwise, they would have wiped every single Muslim from India, but they don’t and they will not, because there are people like Kabir Khan who believe in their Nation, who believe in people, the society and themselves.

One day, the so called Jihad will be wiped out, Just like Australians loosing the finals in the movie. Of course the later was a movie and drama, but the former can one day be the reality.

Chak De INDIA!

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