The Tiger stopped hunting..

The Tiger stopped hunting..

Dear Dada,

We miss you, we will forever cherish all those wonderful Cricketing moments that you let us enjoy and salute you for the service you’ve done for the country.


The Bengal Tiger - Ganguly
The Bengal Tiger - Ganguly

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, famously described by his fellow team mate another legend of Cricket as the “God on off-side” has played his last international Cricket match yesterday, on a winning note. The man who has changed the land space of Indian Cricket filling it with fervor and fire and made opponents breath down the fire and became the most successful captain leading the Indian side.

He is the most cherished so of Bengal and he is indeed a fighting Tiger. If we were to exemplify an event or person to define what is will-power, nothing stands between the best and Ganguly to prove. With his enormous will, he created an environment in Indian Cricket which is at its helm at this time and I am sure they will never forget from whom the torch has been passed on. Every person will have to go through up-hill battles in their own lives, throwing the towel is indeed the most witnessed result, few brave to swim against the tide and Ganguly rightfully so is one among the best.

His belief was his strength and he always knew what he is capable of. He might not have been the No.1 batsmen in the world, but he was always a contender and it is more important. We are lucky to have witnessed one of the Cricket’s classical best and I take this moment to thank him for that.

Indian captaincy is considered the most difficult of all jobs in the sports history and he had proved to everyone of us that he was the best man to do it.

I wish him a wonderful post-Cricket life and like he said, he does not have any regrets as he is going to do the most privileged job a man can ever put his shoes in – being a Father a husband and a wonderful son.

The tiger has stopped hunting, and left his footprints all over the place.

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