Laws of AP

Laws of AP

Like many laws (don’t mistake this with scientific ones), Andhra Pradesh too have formulated some laws of democracy. It was a difficult task, but only to compile.

Law 1: Government and its officials can involve in murdering a person.
Amendment: Only opposition leaders can come under victims.

Law 2: All witnesses that can lead to political instability be completely wiped out.
Amendment: <There is none>

Law 3: Law and order can only be implemented on law-abiding citizens.
Amendment: Citizens are those people who are un-political.

Law 4: A complete mockery of any case if finds a politician guilty be allowed.
Amendment: Order a CBI inquiry into the case.

Law 5: Government officials involved in a homicide case are granted amnesty.
Amendment: Please include relatives and friends as well.

I am sorry but these laws are lengthier than our constitution and cannot be disclosed completely here, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Coming to the topic…

Moddu Seenu’s murder in a Government correction facility is a symbol of constitutional rape and denial of law. It is a shame to both the Government and the people who confront the issues by taking lives. If one does not have the power to give life, then one shall not have it to kill. Keeping the political system involved in this case, it is an outright violation of Indian constitution of how our correction facilities are being maintained. Using Rayalaseema, faxanism and other bull-shit to highlight the issue is making a joke of our judiciary. If the Government is not headed by citizens of India, God knows what will happen to that country. By the way a ‘citizen’ is a person who lives under the law of the land.

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