I am privileged that at least my blog name has its place in a great soul, which I am ever fascinated with called Mahatma Gandhi. On the eve of his birthday, the 2nd of October 2008, it gives me immense pleasure to remember him once again dwelling his enormous and spectacular personality, politely referred as the ‘Father of the Nation’.

He left us with a religion, which is probably the simplest on the planet to adhere to, but would require the greatest hard-work a human can adopt to, Gandhi-ism. Gandhi followed the path no one could ever follow after him and yet we see billions of people who wish to walk, he preached those principles that are of absolute truth which is ever shadowed with today’s lies and yet we see millions of humans try to do; he gave the enchanting legacy of Satyagraha, maligned by selfishness of societies and yet deemed as the most powerful gesture and he told us to follow the Truth marred by today’s lies and yet spoken by a few.

From billions to few, Gandhi-ism has become an integral part of human life with ever changing needs with the same fundamentals he showed us, standing the time and test of our multi-facet generations.

The world was fortunate enough to look into his soul and search within, every single day, in and out. As Einstein quotes “Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth”. True to the statement, I am amazed even today, if such a man was really born.

Gandhi followed what he believed, he en lived what he said and only those are called ‘Mahan Atmas’.

Thanks for being such a wonderful person, you are.. thanks for letting us know that we are still part of humanity. Long live Gandhi and his ism.

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